Chengdu’s Antique Market

Chengdu is a great place to visit if you know a local, but if you find yourself wandering the city on your own you might find it a bit sterile and, well, boring. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of sites to see in this city, and of course the food is simply incredible. But the chilled population who seem to spend their time drinking tea and playing Mahjong instead of work contribute to the overall lack of excitement in the city. Personally, I love Chengdu for this reason, and my favorite place to see something interesting while experiencing the true sediment of the city is at the Antique Market.

Situated along the shores of the river, the Chengdu Antique Market offer many things besides fascinating treasures sprawled on sidewalks, blankets and tables. Below is a photo summary of what you’ll see…

A typical booth at the market.

Paintings lined up along the riverbank.

A collection of carved stamps.

A painter starting a new piece of work.

Some locals showing off their puppy attire.

Antique Books

Someone getting their ear cleaned.

Interesting Carved Blocks

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