This one time our truck got stuck in the Laos jungle.

Day 1 in Laos and we woke up to gray skies and rain. We were departing for three days in the jungles of Laos to sleep in treehouses, zip line 200+ meters across deep canyons, and catch a glimpse of the famed Gibbon primate. But first, we had to get there.

Not knowing how far the drive was, our group jumped in the back of two small pickups. Throughout the journey, the landscape and villages got more and more isolated. Rolling hills turned in to densely covered mountains and acceptable towns turned in to third world villages complete with wood huts and no electricity.

Still having no idea how much further we had to go, we took an abrubt left turn onto a dirt road and immediately started crossing a river…with no bridge! Our truck just drove directly into the quick, deep brown river with water over the tires and before we got over the shock of what was happening, we had made it across.

We proceeded for a couple more hours climbing steep, muddy hills and sliding down and around the curves. During the most serious uphill section, the truck quickly slowed down and within seconds found that we were also sinking. We had no chance to get up the slope at all. We weren’t going to make it to the treehouses and the zip lines and the monkeys. And at this point, there was no chance that we were going to be able to drive miles back to the main road.

We all piled out of the vehicle and at first the driver tried to get the truck up the hill on his own, but he couldn’t. Determined to keep moving forward, we all spent the next 30 minutes pushing the two trucks up the hill, just so we could literally slide down the other side. We did make it to our destination in the end. Some day I’ll write about it.

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